Era of We

Era of We Builds Community-Driven Commerce in the Coffee Supply Chain Using Opsio and AWS

Building the Foundations for a New Vision of Coffee Supply

Over a series of design and development meetings, teams from Era of We, Opsio, and AWS envisioned an overall architecture with three main components: front end, ecommerce, and backend.

Different teams were tasked with building each component. Opsio took responsibility for overall project management and for creating the common management and systems that brought everything together within a reasonable timeframe and with the ability to grow. “Era of We has a unique vision and intense business focus, and we offered the experience and resources to realize those with confidence,” says Premjeet Sahu, senior technical architect at Opsio.

Opsio partitioned the system’s three main components into a core for business logic, validation, APIs, and backend service provision. A front end of multiple websites exposes appropriate services to each class of user. And there’s ecommerce support for handling purchases, payments, and logistics—it’s a full-featured shopping platform for food and drink.

External teams were tasked with ecommerce and front-end development, while Opsio created the management systems and service provisioning that brought everything together securely, scalably, and swiftly.

The Solution

Only the combination of cloud-based services and modern DevSecOps principles could bring a system with global scope and complexity within the grasp of a startup. This made it possible to deliver viable development within budget and on time. It also allowed the teams to create something that’s manageable day-to-day and supports future innovation.

The project called for collaborative development among different teams and team members: enterprise and software architects, QA experts, analysis and security specialists, suppliers, and partners. “The challenges in collaborative development between global teams are significant, but so is reinventing a global supply chain as a community,” said Erik Hedlund of Era of We. “The scope of one matched the scope of the other, so we were comfortable that Opsio had the breadth to manage both.”

The full implementation relies on many other AWS services. All of these services work together to automate provisioning and security system components, providing continuous data for service analytics and business model planning, assurance of business continuity at scale, and the adherence to best practices for effective management. “The decision to build the company around such a complex and multifaceted project was bold, but in Opsio and AWS we found partners that not only shared our vision but committed fully to working with us to make it happen,” says Erik Hedlund. “We are very happy with our experience so far, and excited about inventing more of the future together.”

Services Used

  • AWS Lambda
  • Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS)
  • Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3)
  • Amazon ElastiCache - ElastiCache for Redis


  • System provides continuous data for service analytics and business model planning
  • Whole system can be dynamically configured without code changes
  • Simple resource allocation when demand or new feature require
  • Continuous, fast and reliable applications and system updates

DevSecOps DevSecOps

A Serverless Microservices Architecture

The project needed to take place across different locations and platforms. But it also needed to be synchronized through tools that supported continuous development, testing, and delivery. None of these techniques could stand by themselves, so the teams developed a fully integrated system that didn’t sacrifice security for ease of working.

Opsio built the backbone of Era of We’s development and operations on a completely managed pipeline of AWS services that provide a serverless microservices architecture. By adopting infrastructure as code, the whole system is dynamically configurable by parameters that can be modified as needed without coding changes.


This brings two advantages. It gives Era of We the ability to redefine system and resource allocation as demand or new features require. It also integrates this process into the same automation systems that monitor and manage all aspects of development.

Using AWS CodePipeline, along with AWS CodeBuild and AWS CodeDeploy, Era of We has automated the build, test, and deployment phases, which provides continuous, fast, and reliable application and system updates.

Era of We
Era of We

Swedish startup Era of We is creating a genuinely innovative service in the food and beverage sector. Its goal is to reinvent the coffee supply chain by creating an online environment to bring together everyone involved, from the estates that grow the beans to the people who drink the coffee.

The company believes that—by having farmers, agents, roasters, restaurants, hotels and cafes, and end consumers share their knowledge, experience, and values—the Era of We can coordinate the flow of coffee, eliminate communication barriers, and create a chain of trust.

Era of We also hoped to end up with a truly original beverage that brings new levels of fairness, ethics, and experience. “We had a very ambitious vision, which was all about using the connectivity and community that the modern internet provides to reinvent the supply chain as a place where all stakeholders could share to increase fairness and experience,” says Erik Hedlund, CEO of Era of We.

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