Secure Application for Internet

Secure Application for Internet: Protect Your Business Today

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Secure Application Solutions for the Internet

Secure application solutions are critical for businesses operating on the internet. With increasing cyber threats, it is essential to incorporate security measures in all aspects of internet operations. Our platform offers secure messaging services, including voice and video calling, text messaging, and file sharing.

We implement industry-standard security protocols such as SSL encryption and Web Application Firewall (WAF) to safeguard against malicious attacks. Our web application firewall protects businesses from OWASP top ten vulnerabilities identified for web applications while complying with PCI DSS regulations.

Additionally, we provide secure mobile app development services that include integrating authentication processes like SAI or VPN to ensure users' privacy when using our apps on Android devices. Overall, our team utilizes a secure software development lifecycle approach coupled with thorough testing and evaluation methods to deliver optimal cybersecurity solutions for your business needs.

Cloud Migration Services

Our cloud migration services provide a comprehensive approach to help your company transition smoothly to the cloud. This includes thorough migration planning and assessment, ensuring that all necessary steps are taken to ensure a successful move. Our team will work with you to develop data and application migration strategies that meet your specific business needs.

Our team specializes in developing secure application solutions for internet-based businesses, including web application firewalls (WAF), SSL encryption, and more.

We understand the importance of secure application solutions for internet-based businesses, which is why our team specializes in developing application and platform security measures such as web application firewalls (WAF), SSL encryption, PCI DSS compliance, OWASP top 10 vulnerabilities mitigation techniques and more. Our experts have experience with various applications including Android mobile apps, text messaging services like WhatsApp, video calling platforms like SAI Secure Messaging app or Skype for Business as well as voice calling services. With our cloud migration services combined with secure infrastructure architecture practices and multi-factor authentication methods we offer you an end-to-end solution that ensures your data is protected from cyber threats throughout the entire process.

Modernization Solutions

Our modernization solutions include legacy application modernization, agile transformation services, and DevOps implementation. Our team of experts can help you streamline your operations by identifying and replacing outdated systems with efficient and secure platforms. We also provide agile transformation services to help companies adapt to changing market conditions quickly.

As part of our commitment to providing comprehensive security solutions for internet-based applications, we offer web application firewall (WAF) services that protect against cyber threats like OWASP top 10 vulnerabilities. Additionally, we specialize in secure messaging solutions such as text, voice, video calling using SSL encryption protocols or VPNs for privacy protection compliant with PCI DSS/Sai standards ensuring compliance across multiple regulatory frameworks. With our approach to development practices that focus on continuous testing and evaluation backed by industry standards including ISO 27001/2 & NIST Cybersecurity Frameworks; you can be confident in the safety of your data during cloud migration processes or any other infrastructure upgrade projects undertaken by us.

Secure Infrastructure and Architecture

Infrastructure design and setup is crucial to ensuring a secure application for internet use. Our team of experts understands the importance of implementing network security measures such as firewalls, VPNs, and web application firewalls (WAF) to protect against cyber threats. We also implement encryption techniques for data at rest and in transit through SSL certificates and other methods.

Bullet List:

  • Infrastructure design and setup
  • Network security implementation (firewalls, VPNs, WAF)
  • Encryption techniques for data at rest and in transit

Multi-factor Authentication

To ensure maximum security for your business applications, multi-factor authentication should be implemented. This involves the configuration of strong authentication policies and identity access management (IAM) protocols. Integration with third-party identity providers (IDP) can also provide an additional layer of protection against cyber threats.

By implementing multi-factor authentication, your organization can prevent unauthorized access to sensitive information and protect against potential data breaches. Our secure application solutions for internet platforms incorporate industry standards such as OWASP and PCI DSS to ensure that all aspects of application security are addressed, including secure messaging and calling with SSL encryption, VPN services for remote access, and application firewalls or web application firewalls (WAF).

Secure Software Development Lifecycle

Security threats are becoming more prevalent as technology continues to advance. That's why it is essential to incorporate secure software development lifecycle practices into your software development process. This includes defining security requirements, conducting threat modeling, and implementing code review processes.

To ensure that your application is secure from cyber threats such as OWASP attacks or PCI DSS compliance failures, you need a comprehensive approach that addresses all aspects of the software development cycle. Here are some key considerations for developing a secure application:

  • Define clear security requirements before starting any coding.
  • Conduct thorough threat modeling to identify potential vulnerabilities early in the design phase.
  • Implement code review processes regularly throughout the development process to catch any issues early on.

By following these practices in your Secure Software Development Lifecycle (S-SDLC), you can minimize risk and ensure that your platform or mobile app is safe from cyber attacks like phishing scams, malware infections, and data breaches.

Security Testing and Evaluation

Penetration testing and vulnerability assessments are essential components of security testing and evaluation. These measures involve actively seeking out weaknesses in a system's defenses, such as insecure authentication methods or unpatched software vulnerabilities. Compliance audits ensure that the system meets established security standards, such as OWASP or PCI DSS.

To secure web applications and mobile apps from cyber threats, companies may also employ application firewalls (WAFs) to monitor incoming traffic for suspicious activity. Additionally, SSL encryption can be used to protect sensitive data transmitted over the internet. Secure messaging services like WhatsApp provide end-to-end encryption for text, voice and video calling.

Overall, it is important to implement a robust cybersecurity strategy that leverages multiple layers of protection throughout the platform and application development lifecycle - from secure coding practices to ongoing security testing and evaluation efforts.

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Secure Application for Internet: Protect Your Business Today

For companies looking to migrate to the cloud or modernize their systems, it's important to prioritize security in the software development process. This can be achieved through clear security requirements, threat modeling, and regular code reviews. Penetration testing, vulnerability assessments, and compliance audits are also essential for ongoing security testing and evaluation. Employing multiple layers of protection, such as application firewalls and encryption, can further safeguard against cyber threats. A comprehensive cybersecurity strategy is key to ensuring the safety of both platforms and applications.



Our AWS migration has been a journey that started many years ago, resulting in the consolidation of all our products and services in the cloud. Opsio, our AWS Migration Competency Partner, have been instrumental in helping us assess, mobilize and migrate to the platform, and we’re incredibly grateful for their support at every step.

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