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Cloud Migration Services

Our cloud migration services help companies enhance their IT infrastructure and optimize it for better performance. Accenture-certified consultants work with you to design a cloud strategy that aligns with your business objectives. Our development team then builds applications tailored to your specific needs, ensuring seamless migration and deployment.

Accenture-certified consultants work with you to design a cloud strategy that aligns with your business objectives.

We follow a rigorous testing and validation process to ensure the smooth functioning of all migrated applications in the new environment. Post-migration support is also provided by our expert teams who help identify any issues that may arise, providing timely solutions that minimize downtime and maximize efficiency. Trust us for hassle-free, end-to-end cloud migrations designed to meet your unique requirements.

Assessment & Planning

Assessing the existing infrastructure and identifying legacy applications that need to be modernized is a critical first step in any cloud migration project. Opsio, an expert Managed Cloud Service Provider with years of experience in consulting, designs tailored solutions for companies looking to migrate their workloads to the cloud. Our experts will analyze your current infrastructure and identify areas that require modernization, ensuring that your business operations are optimized for efficiency and scalability.

When migrating to the cloud, it's essential to develop a migration strategy tailored specifically to each company's unique business needs. At Opsio, we collaborate closely with our clients through every stage of the process from planning through deployment. We work together with you as partners so that we can understand your challenges better and design a solution customized just for you.

Identifying potential risks and challenges is crucial during the assessment phase before beginning any data migration or application development project; this helps prevent unforeseen complications down-the-line which could lead

to severe consequences such as data loss or downtime issues. With Opsio by your side on this journey towards digital transformation, you can be confident that potential pitfalls have been identified early on - minimizing risk while maximizing value creation.

  • Infrastructure analysis
  • Legacy application identification & modernization strategies.
  • Customized Migration Strategy Development.
  • Risk Assessment & Mitigation Planning

Migration & Deployment

Deploying cloud servers, storage and networking solutions that are scalable for future growth is crucial for companies looking to modernize their IT infrastructure. With the help of our expert consulting services at Opsio, we can design and develop customized cloud migration solutions that cater to your specific needs. Our team ensures seamless deployment with minimal disruptions or downtime.

Migrating data from on-premise systems to the cloud securely without any interruptions or downtime requires careful planning and execution. At Opsio, we prioritize security during every step of the migration process using industry-leading practices and tools. We also ensure compliance with local regulations and industry standards to mitigate any risks associated with data breaches or non-compliance issues. Trust us at Opsio for a smooth transition to the cloud!

Testing & Validation

Performing thorough testing post-migration is crucial to ensure a seamless transition of applications to the new environment. At Opsio, we understand that validating performance metrics like uptime, scalability, reliability and security are key in delivering successful cloud migration and modernization solutions. Our experienced team troubleshoots any issues that may arise during the testing phase to provide effective solutions for our clients.

As a leading IT services provider in India, Opsio offers consulting on designs and development as well as extensive experience in performing rigorous testing and validation before going live with applications in the new environment. We work closely with companies to deliver comprehensive cloud migration solutions tailored specifically for their needs ensuring optimal performance once live.

Post-Migration Support

Our post-migration support services ensure that your newly migrated applications continue to function smoothly. Our team provides ongoing support, addressing any issues that may arise in the aftermath of migration. Additionally, we optimize application performance by analyzing real-time usage data and making necessary adjustments.

As industry trends evolve, we suggest upgrades or improvements to keep your applications up-to-date with the latest technologies and designs. With our consulting expertise at Accenture, you can trust us to provide customized post-migration support tailored to meet the specific needs of your company's cloud migration and modernization goals.

Cloud Modernization Services

Our Cloud Modernization Services provide a comprehensive approach to migrating and modernizing your IT infrastructure. Our team of experts will help you assess, plan, and execute a cloud migration strategy that meets your unique business needs. From application modernization to data management, we ensure that your transition is seamless and hassle-free.

Our Infrastructure Modernization solutions are designed to optimize performance while reducing costs. We leverage the latest technologies and best practices to transform legacy systems into agile and scalable architectures. With our expertise in containerization, automation, and orchestration, we can accelerate deployment times while increasing reliability across your entire IT environment.

Application Modernization

Containerization of applications, migration to microservices architecture and API development & integration are critical aspects of application modernization. Containerizing applications helps in simplifying deployment, increasing portability and reducing operational costs. Migrating to a microservices-based architecture enhances flexibility, scalability and resilience while enabling faster delivery of software products. Developing APIs enables seamless integration with external systems while improving the overall functionality of the system. With Opsio's expertise in these areas, companies can achieve modernization goals with minimal disruption to their operations.

Infrastructure Modernization

Our Infrastructure Modernization services help businesses achieve their cloud migration and modernization goals efficiently. From cloud infrastructure assessment to security management, we provide end-to-end solutions that meet your IT needs. Our expertise includes:

  • Cloud Infrastructure Assessment and Planning:
  • We assess your current infrastructure and develop a customized roadmap for a seamless transition to the cloud.
  • Hybrid Cloud Strategy Implementation:
  • We implement hybrid cloud strategies that combine on-premises infrastructure with public or private clouds, allowing companies to leverage the benefits of both worlds.
  • Security and Compliance Management:
  • We ensure that your IT environment is secure by implementing robust security measures and managing compliance requirements.

Let us help you modernize your IT infrastructure so you can focus on growing your business while we take care of the technical aspects.

Data Modernization

Our Data Modernization services cover Big Data Migration Strategies, Data Warehouse Migration Services, and Data Lake Design and Implementation. Our experts work closely with your team to assess your current data infrastructure and provide customized solutions that ensure seamless migration to the cloud.

We understand the challenges of managing large amounts of data while maintaining its quality. With our Big Data Migration Strategies service, we help you migrate your big data seamlessly to modern cloud platforms like AWS or Azure. Our experienced team ensures minimal downtime during migration so that business continuity is not affected.

Our Data Warehouse Migration Services offer a comprehensive approach for migrating from legacy systems to modern cloud-based warehouses. We evaluate every aspect of the existing system and design a solution tailored specifically for each client's needs, providing a smooth transition without impacting daily operations.

Finally, our expert team provides end-to-end support in designing and implementing advanced analytical capabilities using our Data Lake Design service. This enables businesses to extract maximum insights from their vast repositories of structured as well as unstructured data with ease.

Cloud Security Services

With the increasing adoption of cloud services, it is crucial for companies to prioritize Cloud Security Services. Our team offers Cloud Security Assessment that identifies potential security risks and vulnerabilities in your cloud environment. We provide recommendations based on industry best practices to strengthen your overall security posture.

Identity & Access Management (IAM) is a critical component of any cloud-based system. Our IAM solutions ensure that only authorized personnel can access sensitive data and resources within your organization's cloud infrastructure. With our expertise, we help you implement robust IAM policies and procedures to safeguard against unauthorized access or data breaches.

Cloud Security Assessment

Our Cloud Security Assessment service provides a comprehensive review of your cloud environment's security posture. We help you identify vulnerabilities and ensure compliance with industry standards. Our team conducts thorough network security reviews, vulnerability assessments, and management to safeguard your data from potential threats.

Key features of our Cloud Security Assessment service include:

  • Evaluating your current network infrastructure for any weaknesses or vulnerabilities
  • Identifying potential security threats and providing proactive measures to mitigate them
  • Reviewing access controls to ensure adequate protection against unauthorized access
  • Conducting regular security audits and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements

Our goal is to provide you with peace of mind by identifying risks before they become significant problems. Trust us for a reliable risk assessment that will keep your cloud infrastructure secure at all times.

Identity & Access Management

Our Identity & Access Management solutions provide an added layer of security to your cloud infrastructure. Our Single Sign-On (SSO) implementation allows users to access multiple applications with a single set of credentials, reducing the risk of weak passwords and unauthorized access. Additionally, our Role-based access control (RBAC) ensures that users are only given access to information they need for their job function, minimizing the risk of data breaches.

To further enhance security measures, we also offer Multi-factor authentication (MFA) which requires additional verification steps beyond just a password. This helps protect against identity theft and unauthorized account usage. With our Identity & Access Management solutions in place, you can have peace of mind knowing that your cloud environment is secure and protected from potential threats.

Data Protection & Compliance

Our data protection and compliance services offer robust encryption solutions for securing data at rest and in transit, ensuring that your sensitive information remains protected from cyber threats. Our advanced data loss prevention solutions provide an added layer of security to prevent the accidental or intentional leakage of valuable data, helping you maintain regulatory compliance.

We also provide expert regulatory compliance consulting services to help ensure that your cloud migration and modernization efforts are aligned with industry standards and regulations. With our comprehensive suite of IT services in India, you can be confident that your business is operating securely and efficiently in the cloud environment.

Cloud Managed Services

Our Cloud Managed Services provide around-the-clock monitoring and support to ensure your business stays up and running smoothly. Our team of experts is equipped with the latest automation tools to optimize your cloud infrastructure, improving performance and reducing costs. With our backup and disaster recovery solutions, you can rest assured that your data is protected in case of any unforeseen incidents. Trust us to handle all aspects of your cloud migration and modernization needs while you focus on growing your business.

Maximize the potential of your cloud infrastructure with our Automation & Optimization services which help reduce operational expenses, increase efficiency, and enhance security measures through continuous monitoring by a dedicated team of professionals. Our Backup & Disaster Recovery services provide an additional layer of protection for businesses against unexpected data loss or outages ensuring that critical data assets are fully recoverable within minutes rather than hours or days. With Opsio's Cloud Managed Services by their side, businesses can achieve seamless cloud migration & modernization without encountering any hurdles along the way - making us India’s leading IT service provider for these solutions!

24/7 Monitoring & Support

Our 24/7 monitoring and support ensures real-time tracking of your cloud infrastructure, allowing for proactive identification and resolution of potential issues before they become critical. Through our advanced monitoring tools, we continuously monitor the health of your systems to provide quick response times and ensure maximum uptime.

In addition to our continuous monitoring services, we also offer round-the-clock technical support for critical incidents. Our team is always available to assist you in resolving any problems that may arise with your cloud environment. With Opsio's 24/7 monitoring and support services, you can rest assured knowing that your technology is being carefully monitored and supported at all times.

Automation & Optimization

Our Automated deployment and scaling of resources enables your business to efficiently manage its cloud infrastructure without manual intervention. This allows for a more streamlined process, reducing the possibility of errors while maximizing uptime.

Continuous optimization to reduce costs and improve performance is key in any cloud migration or modernization project. Our IT services in India prioritize cost-effective solutions that don't sacrifice quality or speed.

Our Integration with DevOps tools for streamlined development processes ensures a smooth transition from legacy systems to modernized cloud-based applications, allowing your business to stay ahead of the competition.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Regular automated backups are crucial to ensure data integrity and minimize the risk of data loss during a disaster. At Opsio, our backup strategy involves using industry-leading tools that automate regular backups for your cloud infrastructure. Our team of experts also monitors these backups closely to ensure they are executed correctly.

Disaster recovery planning and testing is another critical aspect of our Backup & Disaster Recovery service. We work with you to understand your business needs, identify potential risks, and develop a comprehensive disaster recovery plan. We then conduct rigorous testing on this plan regularly to ensure its effectiveness in minimizing downtime during an actual disaster.

To provide added redundancy, we replicate your data across multiple geographic regions using advanced technologies like geo-replication and multi-region deployment. This ensures that even if one region experiences an outage or failure, your services will continue running smoothly from other locations.

Our Backup & Disaster Recovery service includes:

  • Regular automated backups for data integrity
  • Comprehensive disaster recovery planning and testing
  • Replication across multiple geographic regions for added redundancy

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IT Services India: Cloud Migration and Modernization Solutions

Opsio offers managed cloud services in India, specializing in cloud migration and modernization solutions for businesses. Their IT services prioritize cost-effective solutions without sacrificing quality or speed. With automated deployment and scaling of resources, continuous optimization, and integration with DevOps tools, Opsio ensures a smooth transition from legacy systems to modernized cloud-based applications. Their Backup & Disaster Recovery service includes regular automated backups, comprehensive disaster recovery planning and testing, and replication across multiple geographic regions for added redundancy.



Our AWS migration has been a journey that started many years ago, resulting in the consolidation of all our products and services in the cloud. Opsio, our AWS Migration Competency Partner, have been instrumental in helping us assess, mobilize and migrate to the platform, and we’re incredibly grateful for their support at every step.

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