AI Revolution

AI adoption to revolutionize diverse industries

Johan Carlsson
9:44 am

AI solutions can assist you in facing the challenges of the Digital Age head-on, and can be applied in virtually any area or segment to make business operations more streamlined, efficient and accurate. With the rapid evolution of AI from its’ experimental stages to the monolith it is today, many companies have utilized the potential of AI to gain a competitive advantage. Our previous blogs have been covering the birth and impact of Artificial Intelligence, you can read them here. Now let us explore how a handful of brands have successfully implemented AI in large scale, and used it to stay ahead of the competition.


Tesla has clearly been pioneering the concept of investing in artificial intelligence since its inception. The use of AI to autopilot their cars to navigate through traffic, has piqued the curiosity of tech and auto enthusiasts around the world. Tesla uses ‘Big Data’, to constantly learn and gather information to improve all features of the car, and has been able to successfully pierce the automobile industry with a more environmentally-friendly option, partly due to their commitment to AI technology.


Netflix uses AI to enhance user experience, for example through movie recommendations, by utilizing the data from user watch history, rating and time spent watching. These intuitive content recommendations have made Netflix very popular amongst the masses. Netflix used AI to automate the generation of thumbnails for the library, assisting pre-production by location scouting as well as maintaining schedules for the cast and crew. AI is also used to automatically optimize the streaming quality by predicting bandwidth usage, which makes Netflix the number one OTT platform.


Disney utilizes the capabilities of AI not only to improve their content and media, but also to run their huge theme parks. With millions of users and visitors, Disney uses AI to co-ordinate and manage the flow of traffic on their websites and their parks. Disney has also developed algorithms that monitor user feedback to monitor all their products like toys, movies and online content in order to accurately measure what kind of content and-/or product works, to ensure area-specific improvements.


Nike has successfully evolved from an ‘old-school consumer goods’ company to a completely technology-driven DTC company. By providing workout and training apps with amazing user interfaces that are often improved through AI, which is also collect useful customer data to provide an optimal user experience. Nike also uses a formidable enterprise analytics framework to get insights on purchase patterns and create targeted ad campaigns. Nike ‘just did it’, with AI.


Starbucks has implemented AI to track user purchase patterns through their loyalty card and the Starbucks Mobile app. By using predictive analysis, this data is used to provide insights about user preferences and average spend. This data is further used to deliver targeted marketing campaigns and offers while improving overall user experience. The data collected is also used to determine the location for the next Starbucks-opening, based on the foot-traffic or demand in a particular locality.

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AI adoption to revolutionize diverse industries

These success stories are equal measures interesting and inspiring and should definitely serve as a testimony to the countless use cases and possibilities of AI/ML technology, regardless of company size and business vertical. The explosion of growth in this field is constantly opening new doors to positively impact your business, and lowering the threshold for implementation.

Are you curious on how you can use AI/ML as part of your organization to automate tasks, increase efficiency, accurately forecast or get real-time insights?

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Johan Carlsson

Johan joined Opsio during its’ founding year, working closely with our customers on their evolution in the cloud landscape. Johan’s favourite subject is innovation, and is driven by curiosity to understand and help solve organization’s unique challenges in the cloud.



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