Managed Cloud Services

Be more agile in your processes & technical deployments with our Managed Cloud services

When you hire Opsio Managed Cloud experts, you technically shift your Cloud Management burden to us, and we ardently take care of it on your behalf. We have tried & tested hundreds of approaches to handle your Cloud Management work productively during our decades of pursuit in this field.

Tailor-made and goal-oriented solutions for all

Opsio’s certified cloud experts will assess the needs and requirements of the business, providing either complete or partial management of the resources in the cloud. Businesses can deploy our model with ease for various requirements like design, migration, optimization, maintenance, and re-invention.
Opsio Managed Cloud services can be availed for public, private, multi-cloud, and hybrid models of cloud infrastructure. We work with you continuously and develop custom-made solutions aligned with your business goals. Our certified and experienced team offers a professional IT operation focusing on output quality while maintaining costs.
Our Approach
We set you free from time-consuming Cloud maintenance tasks.

Infrastructure & App Management Services

Cloud risk assessment and security

Quality Assurance, Migrations, and Maintenance

Backup & Disaster Recovery

How we work
Opsio’s Managed Cloud services empower businesses to focus on growing consistently by relieving them of the operational heavy lifting while assessing the unique requirements of the business. To attain success, we follow a well-thought procedure.
Cloud strategy development
Cloud adoption/migration
Cloud Governance and Optimization
Cloud automation
Support and Incident Management
Performance Management
Our Managed Cloud services bring numerous advantages to you
Tailor-made services
We empower businesses to make informed decisions about their infrastructure while ensuring business goals are met. Our cloud experts will continuously collaborate with your business to establish a custom model aligned with the desired business goals so that businesses are well-equipped to face unique challenges.
Whether you want AWS security managed services for your business or the qualified Kubernetes managed service provider, our team has experts that can offer services while matching your expectations. We also have mastered VMware and Microsoft Azure.
Opsio aims to increase your business’s productivity and resilient. Improve the security posture and decrease risk exposure of your business. With our experience and expertise in managing your assets in cloud platforms, such as Microsoft Azure or AWS, cybersecurity risk management becomes much simple.
Cost efficiency
Avoid unnecessary expenditure, allocate resources better and focus on growing your business by benefiting from the custom nature of our service delivery. Our customer-centric, cost-efficient, and standardized service offerings make us the most-suited managed infrastructure services provider for your organization.

Supported platforms

Efficient Cloud computing with AWS

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is one of the world’s biggest and broadly adopted cloud platforms, offering a plethora of fully featured services from data centers globally. With lower costs, become more agile, and innovate faster.

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