Kubernetesas a Service

Smooth-scaling, always-available, expert-monitored & performant K8s clusters for high-speed GitOps

What is Kubernetes?

Kubernetes (k8s) is the core of containerization. This open-source container orchestration platform automates multiple applications management, deployment, scaling, and maintenance operations so that your development teams can do better on the product creation, launch, rollback, release, maintenance, and quality control fronts.
Ideal Use Cases
When do you need Kubernetes?
Hosting Kubernetes makes an ideal choice for any development team that aims at building microservices-based applications or plans to achieve application modernization. The k8s clusters unlock the abilities like application size auto-adjustment, app health monitoring, operation automation, and simplified infrastructure management for you.

Faster Development

Remote Deployment

High Performance

Parallel Operations

The Problem
K8s is all good; where lies the problem then?
Truth be told, Kubernetes is extraordinarily advantageous for DevOps, developers, and engineers, but it takes a lot to ensure a sky-high ROI when an organization actually opts for it.
Hosting Kubernetes (k8s or k3s) becomes very costly when you hire dedicated resources unreasonably. It may even fail at delivering results when your experts are not skilled enough or when you pick the wrong tools/platform during k8s adoption.
Talent Hunting
Cloud Security
Infrastructure selection
Management & troubleshooting
Container Orchestration
The Solution
Opsio Managed Kubernetes
Opsio Kubernetes experts understand the troubles a business or its team may have while using or getting started with k8s. Our round-the-clock assistance and focused cluster monitoring will keep you tension-free and productive.
Best Support
Super-helpful and responsive support services
Expert Consultation
Expert advice and k8s/cloud consultation
Tailor-made solutions
Dedicated resources with skills specific to your needs
Certified Expertise
Certified professionals (CKA, CKS, CKD Certified) with years of experience

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