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AWS CloudFormation at a glance?

CloudFormation is a foundational AWS service. It allows the modeling and provisioning of application resources in the AWS Cloud environment using simple JSON or YAML templates/files.
This service can accelerate your operations by automating resource management, governance control, and application distribution for your infrastructure. Leveraging on CloudFormation service in AWS can help an organization become more productive, eliminate human errors, do agile development, and maintain compliance.
Ideal Use Cases
When do you need Kubernetes?
Hosting Kubernetes makes an ideal choice for any development team that aims at building microservices-based applications or plans to achieve application modernization. The k8s clusters unlock the abilities like application size auto-adjustment, app health monitoring, operation automation, and simplified infrastructure management for you.

Faster Development

Remote Deployment

High Performance

Parallel Operations

What makes CloudFormation an ideal IaC solution for you?
AWS supports CloudFormation for more than 80% of its services, and the list of AWS CloudFormation supported services is increasing. The reason behind this fact is the extraordinary efficiency of this IaC solution.
DevOps oriented
Helps at safe and secure Automation
Allows quick infrastructure replication
Declarations make it highly consistent
Easy-to-use (because of JSON/YAML)
Integrates with most AWS Services
Our Services
Opsio CloudFormation services
Opsio is a recognized Advanced Consulting Partner to AWS, with DevOps Competency and Migration/Modernization Competency certification. Our AWS CloudFormation service delivery competency is simply unmatched. Irrespective of how complex your Cloud infrastructure is, our certified experts are available for hire when you need the services.
DevOps Consulting
Application Stack Deployment
CloudFormation Github integration
Enterprise Governance and Control

Managed Cloud Services

Efficient Cloud computing with AWS

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is one of the world’s biggest and broadly adopted cloud platforms, offering a plethora of fully featured services from data centers globally. With lower costs, become more agile, and innovate faster.

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